Metro Atlanta Nannies

Metro Atlanta Nannies:  
Atlanta's Professional Nanny
Support Group


Are you a nanny who is looking to connect with others
in your profession?  Would you like to have other
children for your charges to play with during the week? 
If so, you've come to the right place!

Metro Atlanta Nannies was founded in January of 2004.
Networking with others in our profession is very
important to our professional development.  With
membership in our organization you will form new
friendships with fellow nannies, your charges will form
friendships with other children if you attend our
weekday outings, and you will gain valuable insight
into the nanny profession.  For more information on
becoming a member, please see our membership

"Metro Atlanta Nannies is dedicated to providing social
and educational opportunities to all nannies,
regardless of experience level. We provide a variety of
benefits to members, including professional validation
and support, as well as networking opportunities
within the nanny community at large. Whether you have
been a nanny for 6 months or 6 years, we firmly believe
that professionalism within the industry will gain
nannies the respect they deserve as the shapers of the


There are many benefits to belonging to a nanny
support group. These are some of the benefits that
Metro Atlanta Nannies offers to it's members:

    *  Peer support and advice on-line and in person
    * Networking with other nannies
    * Nanny/Child activities every month
    * Play groups
    * Nanny educational opportunities
    * Nanny activities every month
    * Welcome packets
    * Exposure to the nanny community at large via the group's contacts
      with other support groups throughout the US
    * An automatic advantage with Nanny Agencies that help support the group
    * Membership in professional organizations is an impressive
      addition to a resume