Metro Atlanta Nannies


Metro Atlanta Nannies Guidelines and Standards

Metro Atlanta Nannies is for nannies only. Membership is open to all nannies regardless of experience level. We ask that everyone adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Please respect everyone as an individual, and be aware that all members are considered an asset to the group.
  2. Feel free to be honest about your feelings when you contribute to discussions. Every member has the right to be heard by the group at large.
  3. Try to remember that constructive solutions are helpful, but chronic complaining is detrimental to the group as a whole.
  4. We know that not all individuals will click with all of the other group members, but please do your best to show a high level of respect for everyone in the group.
  5. We understand and expect that everyone will need to vent about their job at some time. Metro Atlanta Nannies is a "safe zone" and what is said in MAN stays in MAN. We ask that members avoid gossiping about others difficulties, and respect the confidentiality of this group.
  6. Please be sure to respond promptly when another group member contacts you. The courtesy of a response is expected, even if the response is "No, thanks anyway".
  7. Please use private e-mail if your post pertains to just one person.
  8. If an argument or dispute occurs "off group", please do not bring it to the group to solve. Do your absolute best to solve issues privately, and if necessary, ask the group moderators for help.

By entering my initials below, I agree to abide by all of the guidelines and standards listed above.

Metro Atlanta Nannies Membership Application

Note: ALL parts of application must be filled out to be considered for membership.

****Due to current economic conditions, Metro Atlanta Nannies is temporarily suspending our practice of collecting membership dues. Until further notice, membership is free for all nannies.****

Membership is effective upon receipt of payment, initialized guidelines and standards form, and approval of application.

Membership dues are as follows:

6-month membership: $20.00
12-month membership: $35.00

Refund Policy:
6-month memberships: No refunds are given on 6-month memberships. 

12-month memberships: If you choose to leave the group within the first 6 months of your membership, 50% of your membership dues will be refunded upon written request. After 6 months of membership, no refund will be given. 

By entering my initials below I agree that the information on this application is correct, and that I understand the refund policies outlined above.